Timing belt help


Hello everyone
I’ve got a daihatsu fourtrak f78 dl52 engine. I’d like to replace the timing belt and I’ve seen a workshop manual. My question to you all is: what’s the tightening torque for the idler pulley and the two bolts of the tensioner? Am I missing something because these torque spec are not specified and I don’t want to make a mistake by not applying the correct torque. Any suggestion is very much appreciated!
Thanks in advance

Assuming you are also

Assuming you are also renewing the tensioner pulley (not doing so is asking for trouble), the belt tension is measured to the foot pound specifications of which should be mentioned somewhere in your manual. It is done through applying a portable scale attached to the middle of the lengthiest side of the belt. The belt should then move a certain specified distance while the amount of specified torque is pulled. I've adjusted my belt, using pure instinct. It works for me. But, I wouldn't recommend it, unless this is to be a measure of last resort.
The bolt torques should also be listed in the manual, somewhere. If definitely not, there are torque scale charts available online, which specify given torque regarding size, length and metalurgical hardening of which the Japanese use a single-digit reference cast onto the bolt heads