F70 gearbox stuck


Went out this afternoon, started out o.k. and then after about 2 miles changed up to 3rd and thats where its stayed. I know the gearlever is shot and I`m waiting for a new one to arrive. Removed gearlever and tried to move linkage by other means, no joy.
I dont mind if its the gearlever causing the problem, but I`m worried that it might be an internal problem in the box. Any ideas anybody??

F70 gearbox

Had same prob with my Fourtrak. After a lot of help from Maple Garage, Sproatley....thanks Alan and co, it turned out to be the gearbox selector detent plunger arrangement. It consists of a cast iron block on the selector shaft, two ball bearings, a spring and a hollow bolt which spring and balls fit into and bear on a channel machined into the block. The first ball was so pitted (probably down to condensation in the gearbox) it looked like an old musket ball last seen fired out of a gun by a roundhead at a cavalier. This had gouged up the channel in the block and made gearchange selection really bad.
Answer: strip top off gearbox and replace these parts....about fifty quid but it sorts the job out. Lots of pins and shafts and stuff to carefully remove and replace but it's quite straightforward.
cheers, Philski

Yes, that was the problem, bu

Yes, that was the problem, but I managed to get a complete lid assembly from Graham Dewhurst. Good price, great service.