plantoil and fourtrak injectors


Im thinking about converting a suitable diesel to plant oil, using the heat exchanger system from ATG (see and wondering about the fourtrak. Anyone done this? and most importantly, what is the injector system used on this vehicle? (only compatible if bosch or bosch-copy)

2.8's are bosh type Deisle pu

2.8's are bosh type Deisle pump. (Rotary)

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bollocks to all that to be ho

bollocks to all that to be honest!

go to lidals, by 10ltrs of veg oil for 43p a liter, and bung it in the tank and poor 15 plus ltrs of deisel on top, go for a spin around the block and it will get shaken up and mixed!

with those systems you have to start on fuel, heat the oil, and then switch over!
ask your self how far you drive to work each day? i do 9 miles, my engine wouldnt get hot enought to bring that sort of system up to temp to then switch over to oil! (maybe the last mile or so)
i know someone that runs 40% mix of veg oil to fuel, with no problems apart from its a bit wiffy, lol.
is that system gona pay for its self? you still have to pay 27p duty on oil anyway, and old chip fat is not suitable unless highly processed to get acids and particulates out etc.
your better off running on gas! or just going to the supermarket to buy veg oil. 70p a liter for duty payed oil and a very expensive, complicated system put in the truck, changing the injectors and possibly the pump! is it gona pay for its self? is it gona save you money? not for several thousand miles i suspect.
pay the duty on oil, and run 40% mix, you will save money straight away, dont pay the duty and you save a hell of a lot more, but might get fined 500 quid and your truck taken away LOL!

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yup. I buy mine at the 'every little helps' supermarket at 48p a lrt,pull on to their fuel station, bung it in and squirt the go juice on top, no problems. Though get some funny looks,as i pour in my fuel extender/additive from 1ltr bottles.

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX

Well, I have started running

Well, I have started running waste oil, which I get for nothing, in the last month or so. I coarse filter it through a plastic coffee machine filter, then heat it, and refilter it through another coffee filter. It then goes straight into the main tank, at up to about a 50/50 mix.
I run three filters between tank and pump, 2 CAV water trap filters, then the OEM filter. On occassion, I have been running a high oil content, like filling a nearly empty tank half full of oil, then driving to the servo to top up.
Now I dont know if it is my imagination, but the motor seems to run smoother, idle smoother, and get better economy on the open road.
I have just returned from a 1100km round trip. On previous trips, I have travelled about 350km, before the needle got near empty. I know I have quite a decent range after hitting E. On the return journey, I fuelled up about 150km further away from home, and arrived home with still about 1/8 tank indicated. It also seems to have more grunt, willing to sit on 120km more easily, and less down changes needed when climbing hills.
As for the taxes, well, its different here in Oz.


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All views and advice offered are my own, from my ow