Fourtrak front wheel bearings!


Stripped the front brakes last night - found siezed calipers....nice!

Also noticed play in front wheel bearing thats fairly excessive. I have manual free wheel hubs - are these bearing adjustable at all. If so what do I need to remove?


hi if you stripped the bre


if you stripped the breaks, it would have taken all of about an extra ten mins to remove and inspect/replace the wheel bearings!

the bearings are tappered,the rear sits into the back of the hub, the front tapered, sits in the front of the hub, there are two large flat nuts which lock the bearings in. between the two nuts, is a flat washer with a keyway slot to stop it rotating. this should be bent over to stop the nuts moving.

it might be that these nuts just need tightening to get rid of the play! but i would strip anyway, inspect the bearings, look for wear on the hub and the shaft this lot all sits on.
the bearings are taper roller bearins so it should be pretty evident if they are buggered!

you will probably see notches in the nuts where the use of a large screw driver has been used to tighten, in light of lack of proper large box spanner.
obviously take off the front and tighten the back then replace the front and see what the play is like and how the wheel spins, if it sounds rough or has hard spots, replace the bearings! you can get these as kits, they are not expensive.

hope this helps

have fun

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Wheel brgs.

Hi there - thanks for the info. What I need to know is what to remove in order to get to the bearings - Obviously the wheel! ;0)

take off the following in thi

take off the following in this order

the wheel

the hub cover (the bit that engages the front hub)have it set to free before you take it off.

the snap ring/cir clip on the end of the drive shaft.

the socket head bolts that hold on the hub (have about 500mm of steel angle and put it under the studs which hold the wheel on and the otehr end on the ground, this will stop the hub etc turning.

remove the free wheeling hub, under which will be those large flat nuts.

take off the brake caliper, loosen the bottom bolt hinge upwards and remove.

the break pads.

the main (dont move) brake caliper/pad holder thingy. (two bolts on the back)

now if you undo the two large flat nuts on the drive shaft, the inner hub and the break disk will all come off, leaving the stub axle with the drive shaft sticking out the middle on the car.

dont forget to grease all when you put back together, and dont put too much grease in the free wheeling hub, as it will hydralic and not engage properly.

anyone wana ride in my hovercraft!

Is it really the wheel bearin

Is it really the wheel bearings, or the kingpin/swivel hub bearings. Its a very similar diagnosis, just needs a little bit more investigation. Both show up as apparently loose wheel bearings, ie up and down movement in the outer hub, but, is there movement of the hub only in relation to the swivel housing, or does the whole hub and housing move? If its the former, then its wheel bearings, if the latter, then the king pin bearings need doing. Probably the top one is rusted considerably.


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