clicking leafspring


I have noticed that the past few weeks my rear drivers side leafspring clicks when you go over a bump or sometimes when reverse slightly down a slope. I can't see a break in the spring but was wondering is it a warning sound that it is starting to weaken? or that something somewhere may be coming loose, so anything i should check?

Based on experience with othe

Based on experience with other leaf-sprung cars with live rear axles, this is likely to be worn bushings or loose shackles. The bushing may be just 'dry' after all the recent weather.. a cup of water thrown over them will determine this. Also worth checking are the large U bolts holding the leaf onto the axle and the shock mounts. Spray with WD40 or whatever and nip them all up. Good idea to check the other side while you're at it.
Bushings are easy enough to change, a good mallet/rubber hammer will help in removing the spring and drifting the new ones in.

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clicking spring

when i first got my sporty i noticed a clicking on my springs , especially when reversing off a kerb or braking when in reverse. i had a broken spring ( mine were 3+1's ) luckily it was a support spring ... so i changed both ( they were also a bit saggy ) .... job sorted. no more clicking ... just nice firm ride ... hope this helps

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Broken Spring?

Mine makes the clicking in the same situations. I will have a roll about underneath tomorrow to see if I can see any break. Smiling
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