Sportrak 1996 Change of rear shock


I am having a problem removing the actuator from the rear shock absorber (three stage). I removed the insection plate removed the two set screws whcih hold the actuator to the fixing plate. Unfortunately i can't get the actuator of the shaft which runs down the centre of the shock. The problem is you need to lift the actuator straight up but it fouls on the floor. To remove you need to tilt the actuator whcih is attached to the shaft.

Any ideas?

not easy to explain.


Rear Shocks

I'm assuming you are changing them for non adjustable one's as there so expensive,
I've just changed mine for gas shocks (non adjustable) and i could'nt get the actuators off without destroying them,
the gas shocks, from MILNERS, work fine and you can still adjust the front ones although i have mine on soft for better cornering.

Can anyone tell me where i can get the rubber cushions for the anti roll bar, where it attaches to the lower wishbone, as mine are perished. Scratch one-s headScratch one-s head


Thank you. How is the ride with the new shocks compared to the old ones?