Charade 1985


Hi, I'm new on this forum and a great fan of the Daihatsu.

I currently share the use of a Daihatsu Charade (1985 Turbo diesel 5 door hatchback) with my sister. It is in very good condition. Goes like a bomb and always sails through its MOT with very little to do on it. Sometimes we think it would be really nice to sell it and get a nice modern car but it is just sooooo dependable, even if it hasn't got power steering or other mod cons such as electric windows and airbags. I think it is going to go on forever because it has got so many "mechanical" working parts that can easily be replaced, not like today's modern cars which have loads of electrical things that seem to break easily. Recently the ignition lock jammed (AA man said it had worn through age, not surprisingly, and he was so fascinated by the car he asked to have a look at the engine even though that was fine). It was really easy to get another part and was replaced in days. What a great car the Daihatsu is for reliability. But don't see many others on the road. Anyone else got one?


I have the non turbo version of the g11 1985. just need to know if you aware of a place where I can by a service manual online a

Service manuals

Gregory's (part of haynes publishing) do one, charades were never that popular here or in the US, but they went down quite well in Australia.. is worth a try, if not Ebay and Amazon in Australia

Mmmm... I'm sure its got a cyliner missing!

Mmmm... I'm sure its got a cyliner missing!

Charade CS 1984

Hi everybody, I'm new here and would like to share information and experiences from all of you about Daihatsu G11. I have owned the car for quite sometime now and reluctant to sell it. This is my third car. At present I'm using Perodua Kelisa and Hyundai Trajet. It is a reliable car and I have done a lot to it. Respray, replacement of floor carpet, replace engine, install central lock and alarm, replace headlamp, retractor seat belt, electronic distributor, sport rim, MP3 CD Player, reverse sensor,and in the porcess of replacing the seat with leather seat.

My uncle had one like that

My uncle had one like that until recently...0.9 l diesel it was... And it got STOLEN Shok

Now he drives Swift Sport version and altough he enjoyes that he says that "this is not the same like good old daihatsu"

G30 Rebuild

The car described here is a G30 which I am rebuilding - gradually.

My original was a G11 petrol which I converted to a Diesel back in the early 90s - went to 200,000 miles and was smashed in an accident; I salvaged everything off mine and bought another G30 wreck to restore that with the parts I recovered. It's been great fun - but there is still lots to do.