Hot thing by fuse box - '94 Sporty


I've got a '94 Sportrak and recently had my blower pack-up on me - but not totally. I wiggled/tilted the silver thing below the fuse box (above the accelerator pedal, just under the dash) and it works for a bit before packing up again. I was thinking it could be just a dodgy connection, in which case I'll try to solder it up or whatever - but I was wondering what the silvery thing was - a capacitor or something Unknw And, boy does it get red hot ! Is that a good sign, or could the temperature of it mean that it's packing up and needs replacing Unknw
I'm in Bermuda so obviously want to get the aircon and blower working properly as summer is kicking off.


We dont have the luxury of ai

We dont have the luxury of air-con Sportraks here in the UK - but if you can post a pic of the item that gets hot, I'll try and identify it. Getting that hot is not a good sign.

It'll probably be irrelevant in your case, but there is a thread on repairing the blower here............

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty


Thanks a lot. Checked the link. Will be taking a butchers this week. Parts are scarce here but I'm determined to have a craic !