Sportrak Distibutor vaccum advancer


Hi - -as a new Sportrak user I have a problem.
I changed the timing belt and water pump yesterday and the Sportrak appears to have difficulty in getting to speed (slow pick up).
Looking over the car in case I moved something I notice that the distibutor has a vaccum advancer hose at the base that has no pipe going into it. - -- where should this connect as I can not see any loose pipe or place for it to connect to. - - would this cause my problem?
If not has anybody any suggestions where to start.

Daihatsu 1991 Sportrak EF-I UK set-up.


No connection if its EFi. The distributor has a short rubber tube bending to the off side but has nothing connected.
How did you set to the timing marks?
What parts did you remove/refit?

distributor vaccum


Thanks for that I looked everywhere and could not see a tube!!

OK I followed the manual as per on here - - -Removed time belt and checked tensioner but did not replace (local garage said it was OK!)

Removed replaced water pump

Indicators aligned (F-drilled marks) as per manual.

Just took for a run - - - has little power below 3000 revs appears OK once its over this rev and accelerates OK getting to speed OK. Has difficulty in pulling away from a standing start and has no rev's up-hill.
I can also smell more petrol than normal and appears more hungry on fuel.

Checked exhaust no problem checked oil no problem -water OK!

Am i correct in thinking ignition timing is out? if so can i do this without any special equipment?


Timing distributor

Having had a chat with others I adjusted the distributor to see if I could get the sportrak to run better.
having adjusted the distributor by about 5mm in an upwards direction it appears to run correct and no longer has a petrol smell.

Question is 5mm adjustment in an upwards direction equate to a tooth on the cam-belt? or is 5mm acceptable based upon a new timing belt being fitted?

If it is running at the moment and it is a tooth out on the cam-belt but appears to run OK will this create a problem in the long run? If so what effect could this have?

These may be silly questions but after following the instructions in the manual I dont really want to strip it all down again if what i am explaing is normal!!!