I have recently bought a LWB 1994 L Daihatsu Fourtrack 2.8 TDX and paid £2700 for it. Only had it three months when the power steering pump decided to shear off its mounting bolts! So into the garage it goes, found that studs where still in the engine block and they had to be removed. So because of the difficulty of getting to them the engine had to be taken out, once out the studs where extracted & they also noticed the clutch was on the way out so it was replaced. All is good and off i drive on my holiday to Ireland in the Fourtrack. On my return i remember the MOT was soon due so when i arrived home i booked it in at the garage. Failed, great i thought hopefully not much will need doing.......
Just had the estimated repair work cost back - £1500!!!
It now requires two new front hubs + seals fitted at £600 a side, a new emergency indicator switch, Welding in nearside rear wheel arch as within 3cm of seat belt mounting and all the brakes need sorting as all out of balance! But never the less its still my pride and joy so let the MOT work commence!!!




only a demon buys a lemon!

any parts that you need (ie.....hubs!) try Milner 4x4 (search on google) they are brilliant for daihatsu parts, i saved over£ 300 on springs for my fourtrack compared to quoted garage price!!!.....and find a friendly welder, i have got rot all the way from the front of rear wheel arch all way round it to the back, plus plate nees welding onto the otherside....local welder has quoted me 80 quid!!! garage quoted me £160!

only a demon buys a lemon!

Estimated repair work - Be wary

Get a quote, don't let anyone do your work based on an estimate! With an estimate it is a "guess it will cost ..." which leaves them open to rip you for more because "this was needed, and that had to be done, and the parts cost more ..."
With a quote they are bound to a set price with an obligation to stop work and notify you of any change to which you have to agree to before they can do it. That keeps you in control of the cost you pay.
I would be inclined to go elsewhere and get other garages to check it you may find your garage thinks your just a cash cow ready for milking.