EU Cookie Compliance

As you will have noticed, the site now requests your permission for it to set a cookie. This is due to a new EU Law coming in to force at the end of the May that any sites which need to set a cookie has to specifically ask permission. As the site uses cookies to validate you login, and limited tracking so you know what posts you've read or not you have to allow permission in order to be able to login and affectively use the site.



At long last, these

At long last, these impositions are important to trip off hacking and flooding.



I knew this cookie compliance thing was coming and I had doubts I would like it. I am all for making the 'net a better place, but foisting this compliance upon me is counter helpful.

As well-intentioned as it is the complince now bugs the hell out of me with banners blocking my view - I will add that this website has done a very good job with its compliance banner by not being "in your face" too much. But for many other websites it is a thorough nuisance.

Also, I wonder just how many people on the 'net actually understand the cookie thing anyway and can make an informed choice. I suspect this compliance has not made an ounce of difference to the effectiveness of tracking cookies.