Site update completed

The site update has now been completed, with a shiny new look, updated features, and a design which adapts to what type of device the site is being viewed on. The other major change is the address of the site. The official address of the site is now and no longer But as with the sites original address from when it was Daihatsu Owners until 12 years ago, the old address will automatically redirected to the correct new address.

The Merchandise store that has been in existence for 5 years has been given a link along the top, so people can find it.

There is likely to be some usability bugs with the number of changes that have taken place, so if you see Private Message me about the problem and how to recreate it.




Hi im new to this site I have recently bought a hijet 1.2d 1998 and found the brakes aren't really working, when I press my foot goes to the floor could it be the master seals, gone if so can you still buy seals for them? any info thanks in advance Darren

Darren ward


Just wondering if any has experienced and solved the same problem as I'm having.
My headlights will only flash main beam when the headlights are actually turned on. They will not flash main beam on their own even if the ignition/engine is on !!!
I guess thereally is an issue, not sure what though.....
Many thanks........
Forgot to mention, this is on a 1997 fourtrak (f78)

Charade 03 radio

I changed the battery on my Charade, now the radio is not working, fuse is ok and there is no mention of a code in the handbook.
Anyone had this problem?