Classified Ads updated

The Classified Ads section of the site has been updated. This means the Classifieds now allow the ability for you to upload images, which should make it easier to sell vehicles or parts, and will help keep the image galleries clean from images for adverts. Also now have a section to specifically post ads which include links to ebay auctions, to reduce the chance of classifieds being listed up to 3 weeks longer than the auction was running for.

The guidelines for posting to the Classified Ads has also been updated and now show every time you submit a post. The update to the guidelines is to stop/reduce the abuse of businesses using the classifieds.



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have not been able to start for 1 week last mon try to start flat battery so change etc. but no heater plug signal on dash so would not start so replace relay and stop start relay also heater plugs but still will not start check fuses as seem Isolater on etc.

I must say that you are doing

I must say that you are doing a great job for this community and I think it is good news for every person who is related with these classified ads updated. I want to say that every man and woman should know about it because I think it is important issue for every country.

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Classified ads updated base all information is shared on the writing help review. We people are going to always keep checking all such matter where you guys always take updates which helps you. I would like to always handle it and also told you to stay on the page.