Genuine Daihatsu Clearance parts available from dealers

As some of you may have been aware, Daihatsu Drivers has had a good relationship with Daihatsu UK for many years, and have previously listed genuine parts which are available at reduced prices. We have been given exclusive access to the database of all genuine Daihatsu Parts and accessories which have been reduced. This is over 460 parts which have been reduced.

To see the list of parts you can view the list at note that it doesn't include any prices, and can only be purchased through a Daihatsu Dealer unless buying in bulk.

To find the contact details of your local dealer use the form on the front page of remember to mention to the dealer you've been referred by Daihatsu Drivers to ensure you get the best possible price.



Clearance parts

Just adding, The list works. I got myself a full set of YRV floormats great fit and quality all for £20. Very happy.

Just phone local dealer and quote the part number and 3 days later part at dealer.

Cheers, Marcus

list not working now. I am

list not working now.

I am furious at the moment. I now have to do NSF wheel bearing for 3rd time!!!
1st one was supplied by dealer over a year ago ---now discovered was WRONG bearing, NON ABS

2nd one supplied by BRT ( identical to the one from dealer, which was a BRT)....fitted by local independant ( I won't use them again),,,, same, WRONG bearing.

It took ages researching online,I mean hours and hours. It seems that most of the suppliers over here are supplying the WRONG WHEEL BEARING KITS...SO BEWARE!!!

For your info, the CORRECT PART No's are; for TERIOS 1.5 4WD

BRT PWK 1932

Sometimes my wife calls me Victor................

When cklicking on the first

When cklicking on the first link, a message pops up, claiming that the link is too short, as if the rest was missing