GDPR Compliance update

Aspects of the site have been updated to meet with GDPR compliance, so everyone using the site will need to take note of the updated Terms of Service and updated Privacy Policy which are linked to at the bottom of every page on the site. You are also able to download all information we hold for you within your profile settings when logged in. These are typically the details you entered when you first signed up, so won't be a surprise but we now have to offer the ability anyway.

Site is not as popular as it once was for new posts due to no Daihatsu models being told in Europe for over 6 years now, but from the sites usage I know that page hits are still high, but mainly from Google searches where users are hitting pages about issues and hopefully finding the information they require from past information and advice given.

The site will continue while it is still viable to do so.



Sirion 1.5 sx automatic

Need to change a front fog light bulb and going to change both, the manual says remove the inner wheel plastic liner, is this necessary or can you get underneath to do this? Any help would be appreciated