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Important Information about the site

Impending Site Move

I am planning on migrating the site to a new server I have within the next few days. Though there is no speed issues with the site, I now have a server based in the UK, as the site is actually with an American hosting company, attempting to move the site to a server just for the site and being in the UK should ensure the site will run as fast as possible.


You can select the sites old theme

In your account settings you can now select the sites old design. The old design is not fully compatible with the up to date and secure version of the software the site runs. You will have issues with how pages look and are laid out. The site will now attempt to show the country the poster is from again. AOL users you will still show as being from America as you will be passed through their proxy in America.


Site upgrade complete

The site upgrade has been completed and the majority of the issues which appeared as a result have now been resolved. The only issues which remain are the posts currently do not identify the country of the poster, and couple of users have reported issue with one of the sidebars.



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