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Tracing Vibrations

Many people suffer from vibrations, in this section I will provide some tips and suggestions for finding that illusive vibration. Vibrations come in two basic types, these are the vibrations from moving vehicles, and those from static vehicles both can be troublesome and many are easily found and rectified.

Plastic Bumper Repairs

Many people have vehicles with plastic bumpers or plastic end caps on metal bumpers which are often damaged through off road work, or just general wear and tear of a vehicles life. Many suffer external or superficial damage which is easily repaired by repainting, others become cracked or shattered; it is these which can be easily and cheaply repaired by the average individual and at a lesser price than replacing with second hand items.

Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems

Kinetic energy recovery systems are big news in the world of off roading, they are very efficient at recovering stuck vehicles by using the catapult principle of an elastic rope which stores energy. Such systems may be good, but are fraught with danger, and can kill people who do not know how to use them, or use them properly.

Cooling Systems

Cooling systems are one of the most neglected systems on a vehicle, yet are so easily maintained by most people with or without any mechanical acumen, they are crucial to the efficient running of a vehicle, fuel economy and emissions.


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