Welcome to Daihatsu Drivers. The main site for Daihatsu Owners in the UK. This is a leading resource used by loads of Daihatsu Owners in the UK as well as around the world.

To become a basic member of the site it is simple and it is FREE. You get access to all areas of the site and are able to post on the forum to chat about Daihatsu's, and you are even able to post pictures of your Daihatsu in our gallery so people can instantly view your pride and joy.

Site upgrade complete

The site upgrade has been completed and the majority of the issues which appeared as a result have now been resolved. The only issues which remain are the posts currently do not identify the country of the poster, and couple of users have reported issue with one of the sidebars.


Main update complete, tho layout still has issues

The main update of the site has been completed. However there are still a number of bugs with updated version of the site. The layout is currently not as tidy as previous versions, Facebook integration is currently broken, and Smileys are not being converted into images. Hopefully these 3 issues will be fixed in the next few days along with any other issues i find.


Downloadable Service Manuals now live!

You can now purchase instantly downloadable versions of the service manuals on the site. Simply click the Service Manuals option in the menu bar and you will be able to purchase downloadable version without having to wait and pray that a CD version manages to reach you without the postman "acquiring it" because its CD shaped


Coming soon - Downloadable Service Manuals

Since the site first started selling Service Manuals the speed of peoples internet connections has increased from mainly being dialup to being on broadband connections around or above 8Mbit. So within the next week or so we will be offering the capability to purchase the service manuals and download them instantly. This is of obvious benefit to people abroad, or people who need the manuals instantly. Plus with Royal Mail "losing" more and more of the disks before they arrive, giving people the option to download is the obvious solution.


Delivery of Service Manuals

As many people in the UK are probably already aware, our Postal Workers are again threatening strikes. This includes some areas currently having walkouts and strikes already. This means that unable to determine when anyone who recently ordered a Service Manuals will have it arrive in the post. The latest on what is happening with Royal Mail in your area is available by clicking here.


Site downtime

As some of you will have noticed the site has been down for the past few days. This was due to a glitch in the database, and as I am away from my own computer at the moment so have been unable to fix it until now.



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