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yrv models

been looking for a model of the yrvfor a while now and was coming up a blank....: Sad
but i have found one! Smile (three to be exact) if you go to this companies home page (most of its in japanese! they are based in yokohama)-
scroll down about a third and you will see 'daihatsu' surrounded by japanese enter on that and you will see them.......
you can get black, silver or red. They are a toy they have a pull back motor but are quite well detailed even down to bonnet scoop and panoramic roof! }:-)


Daihatsu slash prices on Fourtrak parts *Exclusive*

Daihatsu have slash the prices of Fourtrak parts with upto 71% off some parts! So even those die hard "dealers are so expensive and evil" will likely be tempted to buy genuine Daihatsu parts of their Fourtrak. The new prices for the following Fourtrak parts are as follows...

Main target audience - trade customers / owners 1993 /2002 models

Old Retail



Glossary of English / German motoring terms

In a resent news letter from the reject 4x4 club I found this page that I found rather amusing

Glossary of English / German motoring terms,

Indicators--die blinkenleiten tocken tocken,
Bonnet--pullknob und knucklechopper,
Speedometer--der egobooster und linenshooter,
Clutch--die kuplink mit schlippen und shaken,
Puncture--die phaltt mit bludyfukken,


Image Gallery Working!

Have managed to get the Image Gallery working again! We have had to tweak it slightly how it manipulates the images when they are uploaded so if you submit a picture please keep and eye out the make sure it don't do anything too strange to the picture.

Let the uploadfest of everyone updating their pictures begin Biggrin


Chat Room launched!

We are proud to announce that we have launched our chat room! Not sure how successful it'll be in practice, but hopefully it will make like much easier for people to meet up and start chatting away. The button for the chat is in the bottom left of every single page. So you can still browse the web while the chat is open in its own little Window!

And yes the uploading of images is still broken :(



I have recently bought a LWB 1994 L Daihatsu Fourtrack 2.8 TDX and paid £2700 for it. Only had it three months when the power steering pump decided to shear off its mounting bolts! So into the garage it goes, found that studs where still in the engine block and they had to be removed. So because of the difficulty of getting to them the engine had to be taken out, once out the studs where extracted & they also noticed the clutch was on the way out so it was replaced. All is good and off i drive on my holiday to Ireland in the Fourtrack. On my return i remember the MOT was soon due so when i arrived home i booked it in at the garage. Failed, great i thought hopefully not much will need doing.......


Fuel Tank

I just brought a Daihatsu sportrak EL From a nice man in Newhaven knocked him down too £800 I thought Bargain look great Only too find when I field Fuel tank up it leaks and just cost me £400 for a new one SadCray 2
so Make sure if you buy a car from a man in the street you know what your getting because I would not off brought it if i had know not only did he put my life and risk but also my 4 k


YRV Service Manuals available now!!!

Yes Daihatsu YRV manuals are now available on the site!!! As with the other manuals available from Daihatsu Drivers. It's in PDF format, covers all aspects of the vehicle and saves you over £100 from buying it from a Daihatsu Dealership. Grab your YRV Service Manual here. Next manual will be for the Daihatsu Cuore / Mira / L701.


Terios Service Manual now available!!!

The first of a number of new Service Manual CD's is now available. Presenting the Terios Service Manual! Based on and created the same way as the previous Service Manuals the Terios Manual which covers the Terios from 2000 onwards. Aspects of the manual probably cover the Terios prior to 2000 but I can't guarantee that. So if you want one click on the link for Service Manuals at the top of any page on the site! Next manual coming up will be the YRV Service Manual! Get your Terios Service Manual here.



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