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Daihatsu one of Britains most reliable cars

Its not really news to any of us Daihatsu Owners but in the results of the largest ever car Survey carried out in the UK by Which? Daihatsu came joint 3rd as one of the most reliable cars. Honda came top in the list and second place was won by Daihatsu's parent company Toyota. You can read more at http://www.thesun.co.uk/article/0,,2002410000-2007300484,00.html or listen to the Which?


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The site upgrade has now been completed. Various bugfixes and upgrades has been applied. Most importantly for me is that couple of bugs with prevented me updating some aspects of the site have now been fixed.

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I woke up on friday the 13th to find that someone had broken into my 1988 Fourtrak and got hold of my tools to aid them im steeling my three week old greenway machos and rare alloy wheels,there are pictures of my Fourtrak in the forums with the wheels and my new tyres i posted before they were stolen.


My Rocky

Hi everybody...

wanna tell u bout my story with my rocky...he is the best pal i have ever had..

When my city got flooded...i am ok with my rocky..while the other cars are off..

When i had a traffic jam...bad one out of town...i managed to ride on the countryside and passed through the bad traffic..

When my wheel slipped into a big hole...i can manage without necessary helping hands...

My rocky always accompanied me everyday...anywhere...without no worries...

And i am just a mom of 2 boys :)...


Daihatsu 4x4 world record 8-9 April 2006 Towcester Racecourse


Announcing the greatest 4x4 challenge of 2006 … and it will be held ON THE ROAD!

Having successfully established an inaugural world record of 260 vehicles in April 2004 for the LONGEST LAND ROVER PROCESSION, ever since owners of many other marques of 4x4 have expressed a desire to establish a record featuring their favourite vehicle. This being the case, it has been decided the time is now right to attempt a world record for every make of 4x4 ever produced!

Cuore / Mira / L500 series Manual released

It's been a few months but they are now available! Daihatsu Drivers are pleased to announce the Service Manual for the L500 series of Cuore, Mira, Domino has now been released! This is also known as the Perodua Nippa. The Kelisa Perodua sell is the L700 series Cuore. So if you want the latest manual just work your way here.



I have tried Daihatsu UK,Belgium,&Holland all 2 no avail 2 obtain info on the above engine.I should like 2 know the weight, dimensions,rotation of crank, BHP,& torque.This is 2 enable me 2 judge whether it is suitable 2 fit into a motorcycle,I certainly believe that it should be!!!!


Cuore / Mira / L701 series Manual released

Has been a long time since I promised that it would be released, but have finally managed to release the service manual for the later generation of Cuore / Mira (1998 onwards in the UK) out on CD! It is the current usual price of £15 so come and snatch them up while they are still hot!
The L500 series Cuore / Mira manual will be the next one to be released. You can buy the new Cuore manual here.


Sad tale of "ROCKY"

I believe you Guys already know this one.? When Diahatsu first introduced the Fourtrak to the UK, they made a limited no. of special trucks, this came with a soft top and optional hard top, folding windscreen, and every part above the wastline removable to create a totally flat area from bonnet line up, like the original landy. Wide chrome 8 spokes, side steps, light guards, bull bar etc..... Well I've got one which I've had for about 16 years, was my workhorse towing a trailer, etc..



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