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off road time

it is two weeks till my local off road track opens again Smile on the 7th of march and i was onedering if enyone would like to come down to kent and have a muddy day, at woodlands 4x4 to find out how to get there go to:- www.woodlands4x4.ic24.net its £20 to play all day hope to see you there get back soon.


Feb 29th - Langdale Quest wins! (date change)

Ok everyone after the poll it seems that the first meet of the site since changing owners and name will be at Langdale Quest! If you are planning on turning up then add a comment saying and maybe helpful to say where you are coming from? For those who are more based in the Midlands (like me) or the south then don't worry the next one hopefully will be more Midlands based, and then one in the south. Which is as fair as I can make it off top of my head.


Offroading event

Thats right we are now organising the first Offroading event since the site switched to Daihatsu Drivers last year. As we are all spread over the country the fairest way to decide on a date and place was decided to be by listing all the dates and places from the most popular Offroading venues as mentioned in the forums and see which one wins the most votes. Though might use a different method in future.


Chatroom coming soon???

I am considering making a chatroom for the site. Hopefully accessible via a Java app and a number of chat programs which are available. Ideally it would be open only at certain hours so that we all know that a few of us will be in it at certain times which would mean we can ask eachother for help more directly!

I was wondering if you think this would be a good idea and what hours the chatroom should open for.


Gallery latest Update

I have put on almost all the images from the old gallery now. Some may have slipped through the net and I have also purposely not put a couple on because I thought the users may prefer to upload them into their own personal gallerys.

Many of the pictures are marked as having no owner (Labelled Anonymous Coward) because the old gallery never supplied names of who uploaded them. So if you want to claim a image to be altered to you being the owner then simply use the sites messaging system to ask me, and I will be more than happy to do it.


Gallery Update

I have been forced to update the gallery software on the site to a completely different script. In some aspects its better and in some it is missing a couple of features but it should work fine. Also the update has added a brand new feature of personal gallerys! Which means you have have a couple of images in the main gallery of your Daihatsu and have even more in your own personal gallery which people have the option of looking at if they click on your username.


Daihatsu news (at least in japan)

Hi there! I posted a message on the wrong side, so now I´m writing it again!

News #1
Daihatsu New Tanto : If you checked the Tokyo Motor Show cars, you´ll know what I´m talking about. New Tanto is a tall-height minicar for japanese market. It looks like a Move, but while the Move have "moved" to a more Premium style, Tanto is taking the original roots of the Move: great interior space, ultra utility, but, the Tanto don´t have the same wheelbase length! The current Move and Mira (Charade for UK, Cuore for others) shares the same wheelbase, but Tanto looks like it´s using another new plattform.


New Member

Hello all - we've just bought our first Daihatsu, a Rugger 2.8TD (Marine Runner), although we've previously had a selection of Suzuki, Subaru and Toyota 4WDs. A recent Jap import, our Daihatsu is proving to be a very good buy and now we've found this great site which is very informative for us as first-time Daihatsu owners. We bought the Rugger as a replacement vehicle, just stumbling over it by accident at a local garage one day. A few minutes of looking over it and hubby was hooked. Took it for a test drive and so was I. Can see it giving us lots of reliable, happy driving and it's easy to see why people love their Daihatsus so much!



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