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sagging springs

Hi all :}
i have a sportrak 92 model with some sagging going on underneath!!plus I have a very suspect shock..
Its got the electricaly adjusted type and for the price of 1 of those i could buy a Suzuki sj410 Evil
So its time to spend some money and do some work!!
If any one knows of a good source of springs,dampers,longer hangers then please let me know,,

before my backside is dragging on th


Gallery on trial

I have setup a trial gallery (yay) Smiling but there is a bug in the sites design which means sites look breaks when you look at a picture (boo) Sad The best solution as this problem could occur at a later date with any other feature i add is either to use a slightly different design or try and fiddle with the current one.


New member from Australia

Gday everyone, Its always good to see a new Daihatsu site start up. Hope it travels well. I have a 1985 F75 LWB Rocky (Fourtrak) Ive owned it for about 6 or so years. Now powered by later model DL52 factory turbo charged with even later model intercooler fitted. I run Detriot Lockers front and rear. I have raised suspension with subsequent reset and longer travel shocks fitted. Suspension travel is assisted by removal of some of the spring pack clamps, and removal of front panhard rod and sway bar. I also run a 2 1/2 inch body lift. I run 235/75-15 BFG A/T tyres as my road going tyres and 10R -15 Simex Centipede M/T as my off road tyres. Interior mods include sports seats in front, later model rear seat, CD player, UHF radio, Sports steering wheel, GPS, rear cargo barrier and bifold storage shelf. Under bonnet mods include dual batteries, continuous duty air compressor serving airtank holding up to 120psi and air horns, snorkle fitted, uprated headlights (130/90 w) plus mining industry 150w spot/flood lights fitted to factory front nudge bar, mounted over factory PTO winch. Rear bumper has been replaced with 6x3 steel C channel with Hayman Reece style towbar reciever and recovery hooks and hi lift points added. Side sills are protected by rock sliders. Front has 2 recovery hooks and hi lift points. Recovery gear carried, depending on location, can include any or all of the following, 2 snatch straps, T508 Tirfor and block, Hi lift jack, 4 rated shackles, Bull bag, axe, shovel, drag chain and grab chain. I also have another F75 which I keep for spare parts, and have a long term project underway to build a camper trailer out of the rear of another F75 body shell.


Want to be a site moderator?

As this is a new site and we have a nice new forum and people can post comments on most parts of the site! The site needs some moderators. Ideally only need 2 or 3 people to be moderators to make sure nobody sends too much abuse on any forums or in any comments, and that people still to the rules for the forums, etc. (I still need to write some standard rules somewhere). The moderators will actually have the ability to suspend accounts on the site so someone who is responsible and not trigger happy like an American in iraq. Smiling



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