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New Member

Hello all, my first contribution to this great site.wondered if anyone is interested in my fourtracking to date. bought an 87 f70 six months ago mainly to launch and recover my 16ft boat after a nasty moment on a slipway in my wifes nearly new non 4wd car! now banned from taking it any where near water.looked at alot of 4wd at the time even a couple of land rovers but decided that a fourtrack was the one to get as it was the right size and of basic construction,no on board computers or tricky black boxes.



I have noticed that a couple of people are still trying to post asking for help and advice as a "story" and not in the forum area where help and be easily found! This is mentioned at the top of the Story Submission page and is the first rule thats mentioned!!!

I am rather ruthless with this fact as the storys go into a moderation queue before being published and if I think that it would be rather suited to the forum I delete the story. So if you have posted a "story" asking for help and its vanished then go to the forum and ask again so people can help you!!


sorry to see my fourtrak feildman go

Ive had my 2.8td fourtrak feildman 96 for a few years now never lets me down and now i am forced to sell. As i am in the building trade (paint&decor) it has done me proud. now the wife whats me to get rid of it becuse she got a commpany car and i have to get the bus to work. not for long becuse im going to get another one in a couple of years.


My First Daihatsu

Goodday to you all

My name is Ruud de Bruin a daihatsu drive for about 10 Years.
When I started every body was driving Susuki,lada,landrover,patrols.
Those cares didn't make me jump.
Till I met my first Taft.
It toke me about six months to find a taft in quit good condition,it was a red
F20 with soft top I was very happy with it.
But after a will due to offroad driving,maintance was requierd so i did learn all about my F20 and how to fix it and keeping it running.
But the time came for a complete overall,the satisfaction after was it all.
To see you oldy as new.

On the moment I have a Daihasu F25 pickup.


Courtesy Light Circuit

Having just acquired my Sportrak I have noted several minor electrical problems. The passenger side door would not activate the courtesy light whereas the drivers side door activated the light without any problem.

Although this is a simple problem I thought I would contribute the 'simple' fix as I have already posted a question about my brakes! The courtesy light bulb is connected directly to the 12 volt supply, (via both the Dome Fuse - under the drivers dash and the courtesy light switch - on/off/door), and once the other side of the lamp is earthed, (grounded via the door switches), the lamp lights!


See members

There is now a link at the top of the page so members of the site can now see who the other members of the site are and see certain information about each of the users. May add, remove, or just switch about that information is shows! So people soon might find out how old you really are!! Biggrin


Monsoon 4x4 Launch Forum

Monsoon 4x4. One of the most popular choices for people who are looking for Soft Tops for their Sportraks have launched a new forum. The forum is bound to be a helpful resource to all the Sportrak owners who are looking to buy a Soft Top for their Sportrak, or need some advice about how to fit it!

You can visit their site and see their new forums at http://www.monsoon4x4.co.uk


rod the sod

.hi there folks been looking at this site for the last year since i bought my sporty.
so decided to take the plunge and make some comment hope im doin this right.anyway it failed the mot on a broken leaf spring so diy was the cheaper option
new leaf springs & u-bolts £170 a straight forward you might think. ha-ha wait till you come across the fargin bastige bolt thats siezed onto the inner sleeve of the bush. tried everything. torquebar plus 3 foot pole with 2 of us pulling at it
then things got worse the rubber in the bush gave way & was turning inside shell
eventually had to be cut off . drivers side 1.5 hrs feeling quite chuffed at this


Links page

I added a links page about a week ago which all members should be able to add to from your members menu on the right hand side of every page once you are logged in. Thats the one with your username as the title. If you think I am missing any category then feel free to privatemsg me to suggest one!:)

Also I am thinking about adding a review section part to the site so users can write reviews about various things. Eg, about car polishes, parts, "fuel savers", maybe even the vehicles themselves. Then rate them out of say 5 or even 10. I have the module ready to add to the site if people think it is a good idea. Again it would be handy for a couple of suggestions for sections could split it into for the reviews.



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