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my first

hi there, my names ady and i have been running a suzuki sj for the last couple of years, woke up and thought one day, mmmm.... need a diahatsu so now im a proud owner of a 1986 2.0 el fourtrak estate.
ive started moding her... took the roof off and turned it into a short base pick up, next job is a spring over axle lift, i want to go everywhere! then a set of 33x12.5's i think. saw a web site in auzzie land of one that had been lifted and it looked amazing! So hope to hear from people soon and is there anyone else with an extensivly modded diahatsu?? i would sure like to have a chat about it.


Charade SL

Hi All, just bought a new Silver Daihatsu Charade SL for my wife Jackie, my car is a Smart Passion. Not seen many of these Daihatsu's about so far, have many been sold?

We had previously a Daihatsu Charade 1.3 1996 P reg and Jackie had it for seven years, no problems except for a new clutch.

We are taking our new car for it's first long run tomorrow and note from the manual that you should not exceed 55mph for the first 1,000 miles not mentioned by the dealer!! They do not seem to state running in periods very much these days unless you ask.

Radio is a bit naff it is a Clarion and in strong sunlight you cannot see the display. Only one parcel shelf cord, even though there are facilities for two i.e. cord hole in shelf and clip location mount on the tailgate.


Newbie says hello.

Hi folks
Just throwin' my hat into the ring, can I have it back please?
Mine is a Fourtrak TDX, approx five years old(S)
Bought by me from new, the Daihatsu dealer went "bump" the week after delivery.
I was "issued" to another main dealer who has been brilliant, though for the money he should also squeeze my blackheads......me being the kiss of death he has also stopped Daihatsu-ing, although he is prepared to still work on it but order any parts. This week he collected the beast took it for an MOT and delivered it all nice and jet-washed. £33.00 for a twenty-odd mile journey, not bad?
Car has done 87000 miles and (dare I say it?)never missed a beat.


grand move or fourtrak

Hi, I have had a grand move + for 2 years now. It's been a great car. I had an accident in it in January 2003 & nobody got hurt to my relief. The only problem I had was waiting for the garage to receive the parts to repair it. It has been reliable despite all it's been though.
I am wondering whether to get a fourtrak that I have seen. After reading the comments other people have made on this site, I feel that they are just as good (if not better). I like driving large vehicles, as I used to be a lorry driver, so I don't have a problem driving big cars.
I started off on a motor bike, but I promised myself that 1 day I would own a 4x4.


Daihatsu Parts

I am 3/4 of the way in completing a software programme for Daihatsu owners. It is written in VB6 so there is no probs with current computers. I was going to use a .mdb file to store the info - but like most Bill Goat stuff the proggy was getting to be HUGE ----- So I decided on a totally different approach and used an .ini file to store the data. The proggy has a data entry interface for personal updates BBBBUUUUUTTTT I have gone one stage further and allowed the data file to be updated and accepted by the software when multiple edited using a simple txt file editor like Notepad..... The updated files could then be posted between users as simple text files and then inserted into their own systems.....


Gallery changes

The photo gallery has been warming up quite nicely of late - Many thanks to all of you who have taken the time and trouble to send your photos in to us.

With all the hit it seems to get, it's become a victim of it's own success so, in view of this, we've decided to make a few changes, and I have now added some new albums dedicated to individual models, and now you can go direct to the type of vehicle you wish to view, and not have to wade through a mish-mash of various types.
So, in short, there are now 4 albums (initially) - For the F300 (Sporty/Feroza Derivatives), The Fourtrak/Rocky, Cars/commercials/concepts, and finally, something that is proving popular on other car sites which is a page for pics of modifications/work you are doing, or some some pics of a repair you're carrying out. This is particularly useful to others when youve done something like a HG or Cambelt swap so others know what to expect when they've started to strip stuff down.


Potential relaunch of Sportrak?

While searching the net I ran across this concept car from Daihatsu which seems like it is an evolved version of the Sportrak and even has the name SP-4. The car was shown at the same show as they showed the sexy looking Copen which has been released in Japan and is in the process of being updated so it can be sold in europe.

So will there be a new 4x4 added to Daihatsu's line-up? Does it look any good or is it a bit ugly? Well i have my opinion what does everyone else think?


This is what NASA based their moon buggy on!

Have posted a few pics of my Daihatsu F50 soft top (1980) which has a normally aspirated 2.5 litre diesel engine. She has recorded 163,000 miles and runs like a dream! Would like to know if there are any other F20/F50 owners out there? If so, get your pics on this site.

Would like to trace any original literature for this vehicle and technical manuals.


Ferozas In Malaysian Jungles... Just the right size for narrow t

Hi there fellow Daihatsu Owners. I'm Jeff Zaiham and I am from Malaysia... Yes, the venue for the RFC (Rainforest Challenge)billed to be the toughest off-road race/competetition in the world.

I've owned my Feroza about 17 months now and to date I've done some basic maintenance and mods to it. It's a 94 with carbs... I'm looking for some EFI kits to do replace the tired carbs but have yet to find a used one (from Japan usually in the form of Half-Cut vehicles) thatis affordable and in good working order. With the EFI's I would be able to tweek more power and torque from the tired engines...


Service Manuals for sale

Want the Sportrak Workshop manual on CD? Maybe the Sportrak Full service manual? Or even the Fourtrak one? Well you can buy one here!

You can have the Sportrak Workshop Manual, Sportrak Service Manual, Fourtrak Service Manual, or a super CD with the Sportrak Service manual AND Fourtrak Service manual on!! Read more to see the buttons to buy them online!



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